How does artistic creation may contribute to remake emotional and affective links with the territory? Can art reinvest obsolete dynamics? Could it encourage dialogue between different actors, stimulate self-esteem for the place, or reactivate community action in favour of the landscape? How can creative or artistic practices help to transmit values in the landscape, raise awareness, transformation and, ultimately, bring it closer to the population?

We are facing global and local challenges that force us to rethink the territories where we live. A great diversity of landscapes, both urban and rural, need new ways of approaching them, demanding a change of perspective and a reworking of their stories. In this context,

different artistic practices emerge transforming the territory and reinterpreting the landscape. These are a wide range of initiatives that, linked to specific spaces, challenge our relationship with the territory and generate new places, often far away from official and hegemonic narratives.

The Seminar, organized by the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia and Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona, will explore the potential of creativity to generate dynamics of transformation and revitalization of landscapes. It will also explore issues of territorial planning, heritage activation and local development.

Academic coordination: Rosa Cerarols, Antoni Luna and Pere Sala

With the support of:

CSO2017-86136-P Project, financed by the State Research Agency and the European Regional Development Fund 

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